On May 15th our Bishop announced that in person worship may resume June 14. He also advised that larger churches should proceed with more caution. Our LSUMC Executive Committee met May 17th via Zoom and set Sunday, July 5th as our tentative date to resume in person worship. This is a tentative date! Also keep in mind that no matter when we resume, we will have to make accommodations to ensure confidence and safety of all. In the coming weeks our Worship Committee will be working on recommendations for necessary accommodations for our safe return together. Please be in prayer for them as they take on this vital task.

Your LSUMC staff has done an incredible job with ensuring quality online and radio worship experiences. Even when we return together, those at higher risk should still take advantage of those experiences rather than taking unnecessary health risks. When we gather together again there will be adjustments that we will all have to get use to for a while. For example, we will still need to practice social distancing and we may have to change things like how we collect tithes and offerings.

We are living in difficult times that have required all of us to make adjustments that would have been inconceivable a few months ago. I return to our Epistle text above to say, no matter the adjustments or changes, stand firm in the Lord! Rejoice in the Lord always; again I say Rejoice! And in these ever changing times, may the peace of God guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus!!

Michael Arant | Senior Pastor