Wonderful Wednesday Schedule

As we make arrangements for wonderful Wednesday to resume February 10, 2021 we are trying to ensure the safety of our children & volunteers.  Because of the number of children, especially in the older choir, we plan to use the rooms listed belowat least until the weather gets warmer OR until we can go back inside for singing!

Who, What, Where, When...

Fellowship Hall

Our older choir will meet here for snacks & singing from 2:45-3:30pm.  This area will also be used for: Extended Lessons | Activities | Crafts from 4-5:15pm.

Friendship Classroom

Our younger choir members will meet in here for snacks and singing from 2:45-4pm.

Practice Rooms

Our bell choirs will meet in three different locations to keep things distanced and safe.

We will use: Choir Room |  Church Parlor | Conference Room from 3:30-4pm to practice.

The Gym

Our gym will see off and on use from 3-5:15pm to offer more opportunities for our young ones to exercise! [Ok, it's so they can burn off some extra energy!!]