Nursery and Sunday School for Kids and Youth

All of our Children/Youth Sunday School classes and nursery activities are housed in the Education Building.

For children in 5K and younger, the activities are held downstairs. For 1st grade through Youth, the activities are upstairs. Birth to Walking–Our nursery is available in Room 9 during Sunday School and all worship services. Sunday School is available for the following ages:

First Floor

Infants - Infant Room

Toddlers - Room 7

2&3-year-olds - Room 5

4-year-olds - Room 6

5-year-olds (Kindergarten) - Room 8

Second Floor

1st Grade - Room 1

2nd Grade - Room 5

3rd Grade - Room 2

4th Grade - Room 4

5th Grade - Room 6

*6th - 12th Grade - Variable.

Adult Sunday School Classes

We offer many opportunities for adults to fellowship together during the Sunday School hour. Despite suggested age ranges, we encourage you to visit as many classes as you wish to determine which one is right for you.


Suggested for: 30s - 40s

Location: Family Life Center | Room 6

This group gathers to study at the intersection of life and the bible. This is a great group to find community. They regularly meet for dinner and community events. They have a strong understand of what it means to be the hands and feet of Christ.


Suggested for: 30s +

Location: Family Life Center | Room 5

This class emphasizes the close study of scripture with real-world applications and a contemporary focus. Whether you are searching for answers or wanting to dig deeper in the Word, this class welcomes you!


Suggested for: 30s - 50s

Location: Education Building | 2nd floor

This group gathers for discussion, study, fellowship, and outreach projects, while striving for a greater understanding of what it means to be a Christian in this complicated world.


Suggested for: mid-20s to mid-40s
Location: Education Building | 2nd floor

This class focuses on life application studies, mission work around the community, and social events for members & families. It is mostly comprised of families with young children.


Suggested for: early 50s and 60s

Location: Education Building | 2nd floor

This class studies traditional Bible lessons, applying Christian principles to modern-day life. Members take turns providing breakfast each Sunday, and they enjoy many social events together.


Suggested for: 40s +

Location: Family Life Center | Room 7

The Anchor members focus on readings in religion, theology, and historical backgrounds of Judaism & Christianity.


Suggested for: 40s - 60s

Location: Education Building | 2nd floor

Explorers strive to study the Bible with the goal of understand God’s word and how it applies to our everyday lives. Sessions are led by class members and the occasional guest speaker or series leader.


Suggested for: 40s - 60s

Location: Family Life Center | Rooms 9 & 10

Aldersgate members explore Biblical principles as well as Christian beliefs and practices, with an emphasis on spiritual growth in a lecture/discussion format. We develop our own curriculum, drawing from books, publications, and articles reflecting abroad range of orthodox Christian thought, with Wesleyan theology and practice as the touchstone.


Suggested for: 60s +

Location: Family Life Center | Room 8

This class usually studies Adult Lesson Series, but sometimes uses other materials. Lessons in this class are applied to contemporary living.



Suggested for: 60s +

Location: Family Life Center | Room 11 & 12

Members of this active class work with just about every ministry in and around the church – Habitat, STAYahatchie, WARM, CCM Second Look, Habitat Store, Community Medical Clinic, Choir, Bible studies, Teachers and most committees. Class Motto: “We agree to disagree.”