We count ourselves blessed to have used pipe organ music in worship for more than a century. Indeed, there is no instrument more uniquely qualified to lead congregational singing than the organ.

When, in 2018, our 1972 Möller was due for some fairly significant repairs, we took the opportunity to assess our music program - its scope, and our vision for the future - and found that the time was right to expand the instrument.

We ultimately engaged Lincoln Pipe Organs, Inc., and undertook a fivefold expansion of the instrument, vastly improving its expressive capabilities and tonal palate. This project included expanding the Great, Swell, and Pedal divisions, adding a digital Choir division, and a new console. The digital voices are sampled by the Walker Technical Company. Completed in March of 2019, these improvements have made ours one of Camden's finest organs for both worship and concerts.

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